Our Company is a structure that:

  • Adopts the model of a company that researches and develops projects
  • Puts forward scientific and original studies with its expert staff
  • Reflects the past, present and future of the architectural and technological solutions
  • Has success-oriented team spirit that looks at the future with hope,
  • In terms of our clients, we meet the conditions and solutions throught effective planning and team work.
  • The fondation lies with in the legal conditions required for the reliability of service that we offer.
  • For better service quality, adaptation for technical innovation, for a better quality human resources and an effective quality management system can be achieved with deliberate opportunities of staff training.
  • Tends to stay ahead with its service understanding and constantly developing market.
  • Adopt the vision to increase prosperity and urban living and quality being just more than a concept of modernity which will go beyond the parameters of each project as key to accept and to prepare projects in this direction.
  • Combines urban design solutions through finding environmental impact and assessment criterias.