Company Profile

UĞUR Cartography Construction Planning and Urban Transformation Ltd.Company is established in Ankara, 2000.

UĞUR serves project searching-development,production and application maintenance which are modern and technological developments-contemporary to the public associations and organisations, local administration and private sector by its experienced and specialist technical staff.

Our company that has ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management and OHSAS 18001 Work and Health Management Certificates improves efficiency and serve quality day by day which its institutonal organisation.

In Turkey , with urban transformation and restoration projects concludes following,

-74413 families,

-334858 people,

-2768 ha areas,

-57503 residence,

Cartography ,construction,urban transformation , planning landscape successfully finished-we are proud of being self-competitor-.

With the help of experiences based on years and being trusted,professional advisor and educator staff from every career branch, creative genius, ability of production, desire of making unusual work, day by day increasing hardworking determination, point of view considering details and our staff by human focused vision; we make changes and transformations.

"Masters of modification are the people makes peaks by success."   R.Kanter