Design Approach

UGUR URBAN TRANSFORMATION works with competent Engineering and Architectural teams by taking into consideration reflections of economic and politic developments depending on spatial scale to its Urban Design and Planning projects. In this wise, helps cooperations to reveal their visions and ensures effective planning, design and information management systems.


UĞUR URBAN TRANSFORMATION adopts Spatial Strategic Planning approach in a competitive and continuously progressing Urban design environment. It helps Cities to stand competitive not only in a local scale, but internationally also.


UĞUR URBAN TRANSFORMATION, has a significant experience in Urban transformation and Renovation projects in terms of; foreseeing possible development directions and creating a new management model with public-private sector collaborations. Which is prioritized by creating projects in a social harmony that puts together habitable environments, livable environments and strategic economic spaces in a mixed used projects.


UĞUR URBAN TRANSFORMATION, Uses Simulations and other advanced engineering tools within the scope of designing and planning the work;

  • Always puts forward designs, concerning about Urban fabric and habitable environment settlements.
  • An approach that minimizes the cost factor by examining the land use, land values ​​and the accessibility relations affecting them based on the economic location selection.
  • An approach to the spatial and physical components of the city, including both historical process and, perceptional process that emphasize essence of cities .
  •  An approach that recognizes that the city is not a coincidence but social and historical product.
  • An approach that cares urban services, and maintenance services which provides neutral support to urban life.
  • An approach that recognizes changes and transformations. Moreover, prepare action plans and projections about future which considers restrictions and opportunities mutually.
  • An experienced broad-based approach to multifaceted landholders and users in reconciliation of multifunctional development areas.
  • Thanks to the persuasion and reconciliation ability, UGUR URBAN TRANSFORMATION is skilled negotiator who meets a larger number of local governance and local administration bodies to reorganization or regulation of scare resources.
  • An approach to form bridge between three major disciplines such as Planning, Engineering and Architecture. Thus, provides chance to architects to be artists, the engineer himself to focus on creativity and problem-solving and, Planner to be as a social scientist and business manager. Hence, creating projects has universal values via coordination between different disciplines.


  • An approach that provides guidance to researches, analysis and creative / artistic presentations that everyone can understand.


  • Impact driven approach for businesses; on region selection and enterprises settlement. Where the necessary factors have or inadequate. If so analyzing and determining which factors can rectifiable.



  • An approach that puts forward the issues of settlement location such,


Logistics opportunities of energy, water, raw materials and, transportation facilities.
Labor Potential and its eligibility
Tax and taxation policies in the region
Subsidies provided by the state to the region and benefits from these incentives
Climate conditions of the region; Effects of climate on the production and effects on heating/cooling practices.
Structure, density and distribution of the market where the products are sold
Construction cost and cost factors
Waste disposal and evaluation facilities, efficient waste management and Recycling opportunities
Structure of social and cultural environment,
Status of supplier industry and their contribution to needs
Communication requirements and possibilities
Security requirements
Financial needs and the status of financial institutions
Settlement expansion possibilities
Municipal services
Topographical status of land,
Development plans around the region,
Municipal regulations,
Health regulations and legal statutes